Artists and friends,

Our fund raiser was a rousing success. We sold in excess of 250 raffle tickets and reached our goal of 50+ patrons attending. Several people also opened their pocketbooks for cash donations.


The party itself was a blast. Good food, good wine, good live music,
and good friends all went to make a memorable evening and help the Windy City Arts organization pay for its tax exempt status.

Thanks to those who made donations and to all our friends who came and made this a delightful evening.

The winners of our raffle:

Jill's watercolor -
Brooke Benjamin

Pauline's photo -
Pat & Tom Boscher


Frank's kite -
William Mallek


Tom's oil -
Vasiliki Mikroulis

Tom Robinson, Jill Zylke, Pauline Kochanski & Frank Crowley

     Windy City Arts challenges Chicago artists to think and work in new ways.

     Taking a page from the Surrealists' "exquisite corpses" (a conglomerate art work by several artists) the Totems project invited artists to create a component for a totem pole. Using the basic structural unit of a new 5-gallon plastic paint bucket with lid, each artist created their work of art not knowing what the section above or below would look like.

The Artists' Totems were displayed at the James R. Thompson Center, the Chicago Art Open exhibit in collaboration with Little Black Pearl Arts Organization in Hyde Park.


Participating artists include:
Bart Bjorenberg
Margaret Buchen
Mae Connor
Laura Coyle
Frank Crowley
Lyle Fish
Dwight Haslip
Fletcher Hayes
Nadine Hill
Karen Jacobsen
Eve Jensen
Darnell Knight

Pauline Kochanski
Loralyn Kumlin
Kim Laurel
Wilbert Nieves
Gwendolyn Pruitt
Bill Mitchell
Joyce Owens-Anderson
Tom Robinson
Michael Young
Jill Zylke

"Windy City Kites"


   In celebration of National Kite Flying Month and Earth Day, The Chicago Athenaeum, and curator, Frank Crowley, Director of Windy City Arts, and the associate artists of Windy City Arts welcomed the public to enjoy an exhibition of original kites designed by local artists.
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Kite: Jill Zylke

Suite Home Chicago

     In a previous initiative, we joined in the City of Chicago's public art project, "Suite Home Chicago", for the summer of 2001. Windy City Arts saw this as an opportunity to fulfill a goal of showcasing outstanding Chicago artists.

This collaborative work was featured in the window of the "Upholstery Shop", a city facility at 72 East Randolph Street, where the artists painted their individual contributions on location, allowing passersby a glimpse of the artistic process in progress. The Windy City Arts sofa was across the street from the Art Institute on Michigan Avenue from June through October 2001.

Channel 2 News - WBBM aired a special segment about the artists working on the sofa in their feature on "Suite Home Chicago". This program was broadcast from June 1 - 15, 2001 on Channel 20 - WYCC and cable stations.

Kites Throughout the City

Children making kites at the Mayor's Kids and Kites festival. Windy City Arts supplies artists and teachers to work with the children making paper bag kites.

Students at a Chicago Public School making kites, part of Windy City Arts' continuing art education program.

James McNiel Mesple- left kite,
G.E. Colpitts-center, Simone Bouyer -right background

In December 2000, Windy City Arts sponsored Kite Week at eight Chicago galleries.
Over 60 artists produced 100 kites.



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